Screw Compressors OSKAB - OSKAB5351-K (NH3)

Bitzer Screw Compressor OSKAB - OSKAB5351-K (NH3)

Screw Compressor OSKAB - OSKAB5351-K (NH3)

OSK = Application for air-conditioning and medium temperature cooling

BITZER’s open screw compressors for use with NH₃ have been proving their worth on the market for many years. We offer these robust and efficient solutions for use on their own and in parallel operation with several compressors and a shared oil separator. The combination of open compressor and external standard motors makes the series exceptionally flexible and allows operation at different supply voltages. BITZER has the appropriate couplings and coupling housing as accessories in its portfolio, making it safe and easy to combine compressors with external standard motors. A significant improvement: the refrigerant circuit and electrical drive are separate, making maintenance and repair much simpler. To complement the open OS.A screw compressors, we’ve developed a complete portfolio of tried-and-tested accessories for use in large-scale commercial and industrial NH₃ refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The OS.A95103 compressor marks the beginning of the new OS.95 series. The strengths of this new development include large volume flows up to 1,015 m³/h at 2,900 revolutions per minute, integrated control electronics, an optimised slider concept for seamlessly adjustable capacity control and Vi adjustment for maximum efficiency at every operating point.

  • High system output
  • Optimal capacity adjustment and minimal energy requirements under full- and part-load
  • Combination of various compressor sizes
Displacement Allowed speed range Sens of rotation (compressor) Weight Max. pressure (LP/HP) Connection suction line Connection suction line (NH3) Connection discharge line Connection discharge line (NH3) Oil type NH3
2900 RPM 50Hz 3500 RPM 60Hz
SI 100 m³/h 121 m³/h 1450 .. 4500 min-1 rechts / clockwise 65 kg 19 / 28 bar 54 mm - 2 1/8'' DN 50 42 mm - 1 5/8'' DN 40 Reniso KC68 , SHC 226E
IP 3540 CFH 4260 CFH 1450 .. 4500 min-1 rechts / clockwise 143 lb 275 / 400 psi 54 mm - 2 1/8'' DN 50 42 mm - 1 5/8'' DN 40 Reniso KC68 , SHC 226E

Extent of delivery (Standard)

Type Suction shut-off valve Pressure relief valve Check valve Oil injection kit Built in oil filter discharge gas temperature monitoring Discharge gas temperature sensor Protective charge
SI Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard SE-B2 Standard Standard
IP Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard SE-B2 Standard Standard

Available Options

Type Oil flow control Discharge shut-off valve Coupling housing Start unloading Capacity control
SI Option Option Option Options 100-75% (Option)
IP Option Option Option Options 100-75% (Option)