ECOLINE+ transcritical - 6FTEU-35LK

Bitzer ecoline-plus-transcritical 6FTEU-35LK

ECOLINE+ transcritical - 6FTEU-35LK

Based on the optimised ECOLINE compressors for transcritical CO₂ applications, ECOLINE+ compressors are the optimal solution for use in systems with high energy efficiency requirements. The line-start permanent-magnet (LSPM) motor technology makes it possible to fully exploit the high motor efficiency and low heat input into the refrigerant.

Displacement No. of cylinder x bore x stroke Weight Max. pressure (LP/HP) Connection suction line Connection discharge line Oil type R744 (CO2)
1500 RPM 50Hz 1800 RPM 60Hz
SI 26,9 m3/h 32,3 m3/h 235 kg 100/160 bar 35 mm - 1 3/8'' 28 mm - 1 1/8'' BSE85K (Standard), BSG68K (Option)
IP 950 CFH 21140 CFH 519 lb 1450/2320 psi 35 mm - 1 3/8'' 28 mm - 1 1/8'' BSE85K (Standard), BSG68K (Option)

Extent of delivery (Standard)

Type Motor protection Enclosure class Vibration dampers Oil charge Crankcase heater
SI SE-B1 IP65 Standard 2,80 dm³ 0..140 W PTC (Standard)
IP SE-B1 IP65 Standard 98.5 fl oz 0..140 W PTC (Standard)

Available Options

Type Connection suction line Discharge shut-off valve Capacity Control - infinite Oil level monitoring
SI Weld DN35 Swagelok DN28, Braze DN28, Weld DN28 100-33% (Option) Delta-PII(Option)
IP Weld DN36 Swagelok DN28, Braze DN28, Weld DN29 100-33% (Option) Delta-PII(Option)

Motor data

Type Motor version Motor voltage (more on request) Max operating current Starting current (Rotor locked)
SI 2 380-420V Y-3-50Hz 58.6 A 235.0 A
IP 2 440-480V Y-3-60Hz 58.6 A 235.0 A